2 Mile Challenge

(PT) Clif Bar criou o projecto 2 Mile Challenge, que induz as pessoas a andar de bicicleta em vez de automóvel. Basta ir ao website do projecto, fazer o registo e começar a gravar quantas milhas andam por dia. Podem escolher uma das três organizações sem fins lucrativos – Alliance for Biking and Walking, Alliance for Climate Education, e Trips for Kids – e quanto mais milhas as organizações receberem, maiores serão as doações. Para acompenhar o progresso do 2 Mile Challenge, existe um gráfico interactivo, que mostra quantas viagens foram feitas de bicicleta, quantas milhas foram completas e quais os estados que atingiram mais milhas. Isto é actualizado diariamente.

(EN) Clif Bar has created the 2 Mile Challenge, for which they’re asking people to pledge to ride their bike instead of drive. Simply go to the 2 Mile Challenge website, sign up, and start recording how many miles you ride each day. They can pick one of three nonprofit organizations—Alliance for Biking and Walking, Alliance for Climate Education, and Trips for Kids—and whichever organization’s supporters ride the most miles will get a $25,000 grant. To track the progress of the 2 Mile Challenge, check out this interactive graphic, which will show you how many trips have been taken by bike, how many miles have been completed, and which states are contributing the most miles. It will update every day.

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